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Posted by Karen Neal on

To receive a phone call from someone who I had read a lot about, read some of her exciting publications both during my studies as well as, just because, was to say the least,...

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Posted by Alistair Gibbs & Michelle Wood, Early Childhood Educators on

Much has been said recently about a crazy online thread. Maybe you’ve heard about it? It has been the topic of presentations, even videos have been made. Let’s set the...

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Posted by Rachel Ho, Early Childhood Educator on

Never in my life have I ever felt comfortable admitting that I was good at something! Perhaps this is because I didn’t feel like I was good at anything. But what is ‘good’?...

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Posted by Kay Bryan, Early Childhood Teacher on

Acknowledging and embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures into early childhood settings is something I have always felt is the ethical thing to do. Doing this...

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Posted by Brigitte Mitchell, Early Childhood Teacher New South Wales, Australia on

This edition shares new stories and new voices from the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sectors in Australia and abroad. These voices include senior academic...