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Cath Gillespie and Kirby Barker from Evans Head-Woodburn Pre-school talk about what it meant to receive the Anti-Bias Award in 2020. Kirby Winning the 2020 Anti Bias award for...

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Posted by Alistair Gibbs on

When I was first approached about putting a nomination in for the Anti-Bias award I went through a process that I’m sure every educator would have gone through which is one full...

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Posted by Karen Neal on

To receive a phone call from someone who I had read a lot about, read some of her exciting publications both during my studies as well as, just because, was to say the least,...

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Posted by Alistair Gibbs & Michelle Wood, Early Childhood Educators on

Much has been said recently about a crazy online thread. Maybe you’ve heard about it? It has been the topic of presentations, even videos have been made. Let’s set the...

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Posted by Rachel Ho, Early Childhood Educator on

Never in my life have I ever felt comfortable admitting that I was good at something! Perhaps this is because I didn’t feel like I was good at anything. But what is ‘good’?...